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The Fair Hotel Difference


Becoming part of a union is a life-changing experience for many hotel workers.  Most people who clean rooms and cook live in poverty.  But as UNITE HERE members, hotel & casino workers can have good careers. Find out more at www.unitehere.org.

Choosing Fair Hotels is an easy way to make a real difference in the lives of hardworking people who make the beds, prepare the meals, and greet you at the door.  Thank you for staying with us!


Your Dollars Matter


By voting with their wallets, Fair Hotel participants are proving that equitable hotels can also be prosperous hotels. When customers speak, the hospitality industry takes notice.

Participants can show their support for good hospitality jobs by using the Fair Hotel logo on their conference materials and websites, by inviting hotel workers to welcome your meeting attendees, and by letting hospitality industry and civic leaders know that you prefer Fair Hotels, and would like to see more of them in the cities you visit.



For More information and to join fair hotels please visit Fair Hotels or download the Iphone app.