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The hotel would normally be fine as well as the staff. There is a worker protest in progress with a picket line at the front door and protesters with bullhorns chanting just after 6AM and it can be heard throughout the hotel. The desk says that they have been told by the Police that they have the right to protest and make noise. Unless you want to be part of this drama, I would find somewhere else to stay until it is over.


Stayed September 2015, traveled as a couple

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Caleb C. 09/29/2015 Hyatt Fisherman’s Wharf


I apologize for the novella.

My wife and I checked in late Friday night for our one-year wedding anniversary. The staff was friendly through the entire weekend and the bed was comfortable. Now that the positives are out of the way...

4:30AM Saturday - awoken by loud machinery that went for some time
7:00-7:45AM Saturday - awoken again by protestors on a bullhorn outside our window
8:00AM Saturday - told by reception that the machinery was a mystery and the protestors were a totally random occurrence that never happens two days in a row
9:00AM Saturday - after inquiring again at reception about the machinery and stating desire for a full night's sleep, manager informed me that the machinery was their own employee firing up equipment, apologized profusely, assured me Sunday morning would not have machinery or protestors, and comped Friday night's stay without me asking
9:15AM Saturday - left the lobby feeling confused but appreciating the effort to make things right
7:00AM Sunday - you guessed it: protestors
7:30AM Sunday - spoke with a local outside regarding the protest and was informed the union organizers had been there Saturday and Sunday, like clockwork, for a year and a half
7:40AM Sunday - tested my new knowledge with café attendant who half-heartedly assured me protests were random
7:45AM Sunday - asked the manager for the truth, not additional credits; manager refused to confirm or deny the intel on protest consistency, instead insisting on giving me money off the second night

Here's the thing. I don't blame the Hyatt for protestors waking me up. I blame them for dishonesty. Tell me the truth when I come to your lobby multiple times. I'll work with you to find suitable accommodations, either in an interior room or at another Hyatt in the city. But when they are clearly instructed to be dishonest to guests, they run the risk of losing future business and gaining Yelp posts like this.

Again, this seems to be a company policy on this particular situation, not choices made by the staff. The staff was great. Except for the parts where they lied to my face.

Sarah. M Le Meridien 09/28/2015


Always a little weary of this place. There are picketers outside every month or so and this has been going on for 2 years. For that reason alone I stay away.. I'd rather have happy rather than disgruntled employees serving me



Le Meridien


On the one hand, I am amazed at the positive reviews on this site, while at the same time I can appreciate them -- that is, if you avoided a room with BEDBUGS.

I spent two nights at Le Meridien in October 2007. As a loyal Starwood member (though I typically stay at the W Hotel chain), I stayed there (and spent $400+/night) based on my positive prior Starwood experiences.

I thought the hotel on its face was great -- excellent location, nice rooms, great views, etc. Unfortunately, I awoke Saturday morning after arriving late Friday with a series of bug bites on my torso. Given that it had been a warm fall night the evening before and I was out walking in the city both before and after dinner, I thought it possible they were mosquito bites. Not having had any prior experiences with (or knowledge of) bedbugs, I didn't give it much thought and headed out for the day.

When I awoke the second morning (I returned to New York later that day), I found yet more bites -- this time much more uncomfortable and prolific -- on my arms and hands. At this point I should have figured out something was amiss, but I was in a rush to meet friends and catch my flight.

Only upon returning to New York where the bites continued did I do some research, ask around, etc. and discover that I had brought home bedbugs. They ultimately infested two rooms of my home, and cost me $4000 in extermination costs and to replace my couch and headboard.

Upon notifying the hotel of what had happened, I was blithely informed that "after your inquiry, we checked the room and, thankfully, no pests". Multiple e-mail and phone exchanges with management were fruitless, and ultimately I gave up after a final conversation with the manager who assured me that they had received "no other complaints".

Having (sadly) become an expert on bedbugs, I can assure you they were acquired at THIS HOTEL. I would say stay at your own risk, keep your bags off of the floor and take all other precautions you will find on the internet on avoiding bringing home bedbugs.

Good luck out there...

Greg T Le Meridien 09/29/2015


It's a nice hotel. Large rooms, tv, etc. Love the decor.

Just beware: they are protested frequently over some labor dispute. The protesters start at 7am and continues until 7pm. Good luck relaxing... The racket can be heard from even the highest floors.

Mariah 09/28/2015 Le Meridien


Diaclaimer: I've never stayed here. I'm writing this review because I walk by this hotel and there are REGULARLY protests outside. Loudspeakers, megaphones, picketers. Chanting outside of your window at 7 am. Enough said.


Protesters out front of hotel. Start with loud speakers as early as 7 a.m.

MC R. 9/28/2015 Hyatt Fisherman’s Wharf


Not relaxing.  We have stayed here several times in the past.  This weekend was terrible.  Every morning at 7 AM we were awakened by picketers with a bullhorn.  Saturday night around 10:30-11 PM we were alerted to a fire emergency and asked to leave the building immediately (use stairs only).  We followed other guests in circles before we found a maid who was also clueless about where the stairs were located.  Finally, in the lobby we were told the coast was clear and to return to our room (3rd floor) we snuggled into bed only to be alerted to a fire emergency 20 minutes later.  Finally around 11:45 the hotel was given the all clear by the fire dept.  Upon check out a very sympathetic desk manager reluctantly comped our valet parking fee for the disturbances.  Very disappointing.

Heather F. Le Meridien 10/16/2015


This hotel was the first of many that I stayed in on my two week honeymoon. Front desk staff was great. They congratulated my husband and I, upgraded our room, let us check in super early, and gave us drink tickets. Score!

Unfortunately, the following 48 hours was a nightmare due to the union protestors. Apparently this has been going on for years as Le Meridien will not allow their employees to form a union. According to the actual employees we talked to, the "protestors" are just hired noise makers but seriously--what the hell. We were on the 19th floor and heard them every morning starting at 7 am. They didn't leave until 6 pm. The first day wasn't so bad; we kind of laughed it off and went on our way. By the second day, the protestors got louder and more aggressive--getting in our faces every time we left the hotel. So much for a relaxing stay. It was hostile and stressful to say the least. We ended up requesting a refund which the general manger promised but did not actually provide. It took three weeks and several more phone calls before it was resolved.

I get that the employees can't help the situation--we had sympathy for them--but from a corporate standpoint it's completely unacceptable. If you're going to charge over $350 a night per room (especially in the financial district where people come to work) and not warn guests about what's happening, your number one priority is profit. Damage control comes later.

Nice hotel, nice staff, but nope. Never again.

Le Meridien

“Not one good nights sleep - What kind of business hotel is this?”

Reviewed 1 week ago

I have yet to get a good nights sleep. Between the paper thin walls and neighbors partying and the protesting outside and being harassed on my way to the office, I have yet to get the sleep I need for several key executive presentations. I guess the location is OK - but its not worth it if you cant even sleep. I am still staying here another day but I am considering just sleeping on my friends couch.

I tried calling below for help, but I just get put on hold for 30 minutes

“Thanks for the early morning wake up call”


Hotel rooms are clean and comfortable. Located in a good part of the city. But they apparently have disgruntled employees on strike. Monday morning we were awakened at 7am by people protestors. Also, they don't have a gift shop. Had to ask for some band aids. Also, front desk is only two workstations so if there lots of people in line be prepared to wait.

Gstullo - “It’s not really their fault”


Booker beware. This place is frequently under protest and the picket line is active from 7am to 7pm. Even on the 23rd floor you can hear the racket. This does not make for a relaxing stay at all.

The property itself is nice. The rooms are large and the bed is comfortable.

Stayed September 2015, traveled on business

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